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Getting to know me

Who am I and what is Becoming Me about?

Hey! Welcome to my page, I’m Leanne Marie, a Self-Discovery Mentor, Intuitive Spiritual card reader, dream explorer and compassionate heart-led fellow Life Roller-Coaster Rider! (that's a mouth full isn't it!) 


Becoming Me was created when I started to notice changes within myself as I went through my own Self-Discovery process in a counselling course that I had finally built the courage up to join after 20 odd years of putting it off. I had finally listened to my intuition (the niggles of my soul) and began my self-awareness journey.

For many years before this, I was always putting everyone else’s needs before my own, always wanting to help people (which led me to counselling in the first place) yet I felt like this was having a negative impact on my happiness and well-being, I would always feel exhausted and a bit like a doormat sometimes (maybe you know that feeling?)


I felt like I wasn’t getting any appreciation or support, recognition or praise and sometimes not even accepting help or supporting myself, thinking I could do everything on my own as I’d managed to fight through trauma and lots of terrible things in the past so I must be capable and strong and little Miss independent right?!

So as I journalled and processed and got the support I needed, I realised there was a whole other world inside me that I had to explore and it was scary, but at the same time very exciting and I began to change, to grow, to learn, to understand and began to create a more confident, open, creative, passionate version of the me I was before...and I liked this new person :) ... and this person wanted to share what she had learnt with the world to inspire and help people going through the same struggles that she went through.. but this time I was NOT helping from a place of needing recognition, praise, appreciation or any other un-met needs but from a place of compassion, love, understanding and wanting to make a difference in the world.

Also, suprisingly, the more I listened to myself and my own inner guidance, I realised that I had created a space within me that enabled some inner intuitive gifts to be revealed and I found that I could read oracle and angel cards, make sense of dreams, and read music and lyrics to bring through guidance through images and messages! quite cool hey! I thought so too! .. So, with this new found gift and the knowledge and experience I had learned both professionally and personally, I was then able to combine it all to create a wonderful range of services to help, guide, support and inspire others, and I wouldn't have got there without becoming me again, coming back to my true self...hence the name :)

So, I'm here to help you if you are a someone who is feeling like you give too much of your time and energy to others and not enough to yourself, maybe you are a caring, supportive soul but you haven't been giving enough care, love or compassion to yourself and you are now motivated to make changes and start taking responsibility for your own life.

Maybe you are wanting to start putting yourself first or creating more balance, happiness or fulfillment in your life, you feel like you want to get to know yourself better, or start creating a life for yourself that matches up to who you really are deep down and make life feel a little more meaningful...

If this sounds like you please do get in touch, I would love to connect with you. 

I'm excited to see what life can look like for you in the future! 

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