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The pain of the world

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

This last few days, I have felt pain...

Pain in my shoulder, in my wrist, in my neck and only this morning, a strong pain in my lower back.

I have been feeling into this pain, paying attention to this pain, giving the pain what it needs, voicing the pain to others, asking for support and help with the pain. One thing's for sure though, I have not been ignoring the pain.

This pain is coming up to the surface to be healed, not to be judged or for me to get angry at.

I feel sadness coming up about this pain, I am being with that sadness and letting it move through me.

Let whatever comes through be expressed.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Lately, I have also been shown the Yin/Yang symbol a few times in social media posts, in videos and through my own client readings.

This symbol shows black and white, light and dark (shadow and light). It represents peace, balance and harmony and the two opposites united and working together.

This is a time for becoming aware of our darkness within us all, our shadow side and how we let others see this.

Some examples of our darkness may include judgements towards others, jealousy, self-centredness, outbursts of anger, ignorance, arrogance, disrespect, blame, resentment, gossiping, harm caused to others through words or actions etc..

It's a time to let it rise up, not to shut it down or ignore it any longer, letting it be there and be seen by us just as much as our light is seen by us (the good and positive things we see in ourselves).

The darkness needs our light just as much as the light needs the darkness..

This is currently being mirrored back to us in the world (black needs white and white needs black) because WE ARE ALL ONE.

Pain is within all of us, the pain we feel for any past trauma in our lives, for any time we were hurt in the past, for generations of pain, the pain we feel for our families, our ancestors... it's all coming up to be healed.

As a human race ...let's all heal this pain together.

Let us all see and understand each other's pain.

Let us honour our pain, honour our stories, honour our lives, honour our planet, honour ourselves, honour one another and honour our future.

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