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What does “Running a Business” mean to you or feel like to you?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

For the last few months I’ve struggled to feel good about the word “business” and what “running a business” really means or feels like to me, I’ve been trying to get clear on what some of the resistance was about and I finally gave in and asked to be shown in a meditation...

I was shown my stepdad from when I was younger and heard the song by Tina Turner - “What’s love got to do with it” - how clever!.. thanks spirit!!!

From what I remember, he was always working and often talking about money and “money was love”.. so this was one of my beliefs set from a young age…

Then I was shown a memory of the last day of my counselling course when the course director came in to the room on what was meant to be a celebration of our achievements and gave us a telling off because something that had happened during the last few days, I was playing with a paperclip and shaped it into a heart, then I felt this overwhelming sense to speak up and asked “where is the heart in this?” and I talked about how I felt in that moment and got upset and said that it seemed that there was no acknowledgement of how we all felt on this special day, or interest in addressing our achievements etc.

She seemed only interested in the structure of the course and how it looked to others..

This moment was super brave of me and I still can’t believe I did it to this day but I just had to!! I felt so strongly about this!! ..

Many times over the years I’ve noticed in workplaces, managers treating people like numbers and talking about figures and seeming to only be interested in “the business” and it’s needs, not the needs of the people/employees and especially when it comes to mental health and I see many business owners out there promoting, selling and seeming only interested in what they can get or how much money they can get..

My last manager was one of the few managers I have experienced differently, he treated me like a person not a number, I felt like I was heard, seen, understood, accepted and my needs were focused on, not just the business needs and earning money.

So my feelings towards businesses have always been linked to “not caring enough about the people and only focusing on money and what you can get for yourself and the business” and deep down I don’t want that…

Yes, of course I need money and I want to earn doing what I love and obviously need that exchange for my energy, time, skills and experience, but ultimately I know that the positive changes in me and my best performance in work didn’t come from earning money, they came from inner healing and growth, they came from having the support, love, encouragement and acceptance I needed, they came from people treating me like a person and ultimately I want to support people in the same way, I want to see people thrive and be happy and confident in their lives.

I also see it as “busy-ness” which makes me uncomfortable as I hate being busy and hectic and much prefer peace and relaxation!…

Well what if I thought of that as “getting busy showing and sharing love, getting busy living my purpose, or getting busy spreading my light” rather than getting busy to earn money or get what “I” want for myself.

So I think it’s time to redefine the word “business” - who’s with me?! …

Let’s think about what having a business really means, what running a company really means, what serving your clients, customers, and employees really means!!

I know I want my business to be about love, care, support, being a light to the world and helping others to be a light in their world too…

What do you want your business to be about?

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