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Becoming Me Terms 



Fees & Refund Policy

For face to face appointments, for cancellations or re-scheduling, please give at least 24 hours notice, if cancelled within 24 hours, payment will be taken for the missed session as well as the next booked session on the next visit, unless it’s completely unavoidable or very good reason, and of course, Leanne Marie will give the same minimum notice to the client, unless unavoidable or very good reason and will not charge if she cannot offer the session.

For video call sessions, a great deal of energy, time, thought and heart goes into preparing for and being present on the calls together.  If the client is late for their appointment, they will lose that time.  If the client doesn’t show, they will still be charged in full. In turn, Leanne Marie promises to honour their appointments booked and be on time as well.

Products and services with Leanne Marie of Becoming Me are non-refundable unless stated as part of a package and as per the terms mentioned below and this may also be subject to payment fees.


There are no refunds for mentoring sessions as Leanne Marie of Becoming Me cannot guarantee results in the mentoring relationship as results depend on the client’s openness to being mentored and willingness to engage in the healing and support offered.


If the client has purchased a package/block sessions and find themselves unable to use the sessions for any reason, they may put the remaining sessions on a 1-month hold.

Should the client decide to “quit” the process without completing all of the sessions and after the 1-month hold period is up, they will lose those sessions and will forfeit the total investment cost of the package (with no refund issued).

If the client is not completely satisfied with their investment and is on a payment plan, they may request that Leanne Marie stops collecting future payments. (It is rare, but it does happen that a Mentor and client may be ill-matched and it is best for both parties to go their separate ways).

Upon providing deposit or full package payment the client is authorising Leanne Marie to process their payment. Upon authorisation of the booking, the client is responsible for full payment of fees for the package. No refunds will be issued if the client is accepted into the package and all instalments must be paid on a timely basis.

Products and service prices may increase over time as new skills, experience and value is added to the process.



Company Services

Becoming Me agrees to render services related to education and Mentoring. The terms of this agreement shall be binding for any further goods/services supplied by Becoming Me to the client.


The scope of services rendered by Becoming Me pursuant to this contract shall be solely limited to those contained therein and provided for on The Becoming Me website as part of the Products and Services.

Becoming Me reserves the right to substitute services equal to or comparable to the products and services for the client if the need arises.



Data Protection

While working with you, Leanne Marie of Becoming Me will follow data protection guidelines and will not pass any information or data to any third parties.

Both parties will comply with all applicable requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679) and any national implementing laws, regulations and secondary legislation, as amended or updated from time to time, in the UK and any successor legislation to the GDPR or the Data Protection Act 1998 (the “Data Protection Legislation”). 


The parties acknowledge that for the purposes of the Data Protection Legislation, Becoming Me is the data processor.  

Becoming Me shall, in relation to any personal data processed in connection with the performance of its obligations under this agreement: (a) only process personal data in accordance with the instructions of you as their client (b) ensure that it has in place appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data, and (c) notify you without undue delay on becoming aware of any personal data breach.



No resale of services permitted

The client agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of the products and services (including course materials), or access to any courses or material. This agreement is not transferrable or assignable without Leanne Marie’s prior written consent.


No transfer of intellectual property 

Becoming Me copyrighted and original materials shall be provided to the client for his/her individual use only and a single-user license. The client shall not be authorized to use any of Becoming Me’s intellectual property for the client's business purposes.


The client shall not be authorized to share, copy, distribute, or otherwise disseminate any materials received from Becoming Me electronically or otherwise without the prior written consent of Leanne Marie. All intellectual property, including Becoming Me copyrighted course materials, shall remain the sole property of the Becoming Me. No license to sell or distribute Becoming Me materials is granted or implied.


Indemnity and Insurance

By signing for this agreement you indemnify Becoming Me in respect of any actions, claims, costs, losses, demands, proceedings, or damages arising directly or indirectly from her activities, advice given and work provided; and accepts that no responsibility will be placed upon Leanne Marie of Becoming Me and any related parties in such events. 

The client agrees that Leanne Marie of Becoming Me will not be held liable for any damages of any kind resulting or arising from, including but not limited to; direct, indirect, incidental, special, negligent, consequential, or exemplary damages happening from the use or misuse of Company's services or enrollment in the products or services. The client agrees that use of Becoming Me services is at the client's own risk.


Disclaimer of Guarantee

The client accepts and agrees that she/he is 100% responsible for her/his progress and results from the products and services. The client accepts and agrees that she/he is the one vital element to the success of the products and services and that Becoming Me cannot control the client.


Becoming Me makes no representations, no guarantees or warranty that the products and services will meet the client's requirements or that all clients will achieve the same result. You understand that your level of success is dependent on a number of factors including your skills, knowledge, ability, dedication, willingness, communication and engagement. Because these factors vary according to each individual, I cannot and do not guarantee your level of success and transformation.



Readings Disclaimer


If the client receives a reading from Leanne Marie of Becoming Me it is on the understanding that the accuracy of any reading cannot be guaranteed.


All and any information is given as guidance only and is subject to the client’s own personal interpretation.


Any decisions or choices the client makes based on this guidance remain the client’s sole personal and legal responsibility.

If the client requires specific legal, financial, medical or other advice, they should seek a suitable licensed professional.

The client must be over 18 to book a reading.

Both parties agree that when using personal WhatsApp numbers to share readings that they respect the boundaries of contact times or agreements of personal data shared. If there is any breach to this agreement, this service will no longer be used for readings and alternative methods will be agreed on or services will no longer be provided/offered.



No substitute for medical treatment

The client agrees to be mindful of his/her own well-being during sessions and seek medical treatment (including, but not limited to psychotherapy), if needed. Becoming Me does not provide medical or in-depth psychotherapy services. Becoming Me is not responsible for any decisions made by the client as a result of the mentoring and any consequences thereof.



In the event that the client is in arrears of payment or otherwise in default of this agreement, all payments due here under shall be immediately due and payable. Becoming Me shall be allowed to immediately collect all sums from the client and terminate providing further services to the client. In the event that the client is in arrears of payments to Becoming Me, the client shall be barred from using any of Becoming Me’s services.



The term "Confidential Information" shall mean information which is not generally known to the public relating to the client's business or personal affairs. Becoming Me agrees not to disclose, reveal or make use of any confidential information learned of through its transactions with the client, during discussion with the client, sessions with Leanne Marie, or otherwise, without the written consent of the client. Becoming Me shall keep the confidential information of the client in strictest confidence and shall use its best efforts to safeguard the client's confidential information and to protect it against disclosure, misuse, espionage, loss and theft. The only time information would be shared by Becoming Me is if you are considered to be of harm to yourself or others of which Becoming Me has a lawful responsibility to disclose information.



If there is a dispute between us, you agree to not publicly or privately make any negative or critical comments about my services, Becoming Me or Leanne Marie personally, or to communicate with any other individual, company or entity in a way that disparages the services of Becoming Me or harms Leanne Marie or Becoming Me’s reputation in any way, including on social media. In arbitration or when required by law, of course, you are not prohibited from publicly sharing your thoughts and opinions.




























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